Steven Hubert

Marketing Technologist and Digital Strategy Leader

Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Japan

CMH Redesign

A complete re-envisioning of CMH's online experience

Intrawest — 3 min read

Ski Colorado Redesign

A fast and clean redesign of a beloved Colorado ski pass website

Intrawest — 3 min read

DigitalGlobe Sales Conference

DigitalGlobe's yearly sales conference is always a huge event. To kick off the 3 day event the VP of Sales wanted to Go Big with an keynote introduction like no other.

Mondo Robot — 2 min read

Canon North Pole Pixma

This application was a first of a kind accomplishment that relied a large number of Amazon AWS render servers running custom C++ and FFMPEG code rendering out a real MP4 video on demand from the user.

Mondo Robot — 2 min read

Ketel One - A Gentleman's Call

A Gentleman's Call by Ketel One was a campaign to encourage men across America to regain their long forgotten gentlemanly personalities by showing America what they would do to make the world a better place if given $100K.

Grey NY — 2 min read

Mike's Hard Lemonade Digital

Helping to bring attention to Mike's Hard as an alternative drink option for millennials by increasing the presence of Mike's Hard in the social space with a very limited budget but endless creativity.

Grey NY — 3 min read

JFK Library - We Choose the Moon

We Choose The Moon is an interactive re-creation of the historic Apollo 11 mission to the moon, inspired by John F. Kennedy's grand vision. A re-creation that over 3.5 million people have taken to date. A million of which visited on the very first day to experience in real time as all the world did in 1969.

Domani Studios — 2 min read