During my time at Mondo Robot I executive produced a first of its kind video compositing application that in near-real time provided users a customized video with their child’s christmas wish.

North Pole Pixma Canon North Pole Pixma Start Page

The Canon North Pole PIXMA app provides a unique and interactive experience allows children to write, draw or use pre-selected images to create their holiday wish on Desktop or Mobile. Once the wish has been customized, it gets composited in near real time to a sharable video, where users can watch a video of Santa receiving their wish printed on a Canon PIXMA printer.

Customize Screen Customize Screen

This personalized Facebook experience was optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile making the site fully responsive. Unique creation tools were developed to allow users to draw, type or utilize a set of pre-determined images to create their personalized wish list for Santa. Part of the magic of this experience was the speed at which the users could create a wish list and watch it being printed at the North Pole for Santa to see. To make this happen, the wish was tracked to the video, optimized and encoded in near real-time for desktop as well as mobile.

This application was a first of a kind accomplishment that relied a large number of Amazon AWS render servers running custom C++ and FFMPEG code rendering out a real MP4 video on demand from the user. The servers tracked and composited the wish list on the video, along with shadows and highlight to ensure things looked real. Thanks to this application users could view and save their very own personalized video.

Video Screen Video Screen