During my time at Mondo Robot I executive produced the digital and print components of DigitalGlobes annual sales conference. The keynote intro is always a huge point of anticipation for the sales employees and with the year’s theme being “Go Big” we couldn’t go bigger than having the VP of Sales jump out of a plane right before his keynote.

This video played on 3, 40ft tall screens for the approximately 1000 employees at the conference.

What followed was the VP of Sales entering the conference room still in skydiving clothes ready to start the keynote. The crowd went wild and it really set the stage for an energetic and invigorating sales conference.

Once the excitement subsided a bit we went into the presentation containing custom created 3d animations that were controlled in real time to match the pacing and nuances of the speakers. We carefully balanced our work to not detract from the speaker but to enhance the experience for all.

Finally to increase the excitement we designed a set of posters, gobos, and handouts that set the mood as attendees entered the conference.

All of these elements combined to create a truly memorable experience that will leave the attendees feeling charged up and ready to succeed for DigitalGlobe.