Through UX research and design and intergration with API’s offered by Inntopia we were able to vastly improve the user experience leading to a multi-million dollar increase in sales and a double digit percent increase in our conversion rate.

Winter Park 2016

Before Redesign

Winter Park 2022

After Redesign

The above examples show the website prior to the UX and API intergration. It served as brochure site where guests could view the lodging offered but in order to transact they would have to go off-site. The redesigned view shows more relevant and a larger variety of information including inventory, pricing, packages and much richer room information allowing guests to be able to confidently make a decision and check out on Winter Park owned domains.

Winter Park 2022

Cart Redesign, damage waiver upsell

As part of this redesign and API integration we were able to add very lightweight AI functionality to opportunistically upsell guests on related products.