The homepage of Alterra’s ski resorts serve as the “front door” to the brand so when designing a system we needed to make sure the brand could come through. One way to excel at this is via background video. It allows a newly arriving guest to experience unique mountain moments and really takes in what a vacation at Alterra’s resorts entails.

Deer Valley 2022

Cart Redesign, damage waiver upsell

Deer Valley excel’s here at letting the guest experience the brand with beautiful landscape while also highlighting the ever important booking widget always overlaying the video.

Since Each of the 15 brands plays on this theme slightly differently and offer slightly different mountain offerings so I needed to design a framework that allows for that flexibility which you can see below.

All Resort Homepage

All Sites Homepages (Click to Expand)

I also designed a backend experience to make it possible for local mountain employees without a background in technology to easily update layout and content based on their unique mountain needs.

Deer Valley Sitecore

Homepage Booking Widget Customization Admin Experience

This customization extends throughout the site allowing for the development team to ship new features without having to develop for 15 different use cases. This combination of reusability and uniqueness allows for deep customization with the costs savings realized by having a single codebase.

Crystal 2016

Before Redesign

Crystal 2022

After Redesign